Decolonization of Africa

Single crisis committee

The transition of any peoples from nomadic tribes and small kingdoms to nation states is a slow, precarious process with many intricacies and inherent difficulties. This process is compounded in its complexity to an unfathomable extent when discussing the overhaul of an entire continent from aggregations of territories to independent nations. That is the task before the delegates to this committee in the coming conference. Representing the departing western powers, your role will be to leave an Africa that is able to sustain itself after the damage dealt to it by the Scramble for Africa that lead to an entire continents’ derailment from its natural progression of history. The rotting logs of your legacies in these countries will be overturned and what lies underneath will inspire ire, intensify grudges, and instigate conflict. Can you extract yourselves from this troubled land without leaving it worse for the wear?

That is up to you.

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Crisis Director

Saurabh Sharma


Chair: Juan David Bravo
DirectorAbinav Kumar
RapporteurMarielisa Figuera
Logistics StafferSamer Yousif
Logistics StafferReilly Jensen