Death of Alexander

Alexander of Macedon, the conqueror of the largest land empire yet seen, has died unexpectedly in Babylon at the young age of 32. As his brother was disabled and his child still unborn, Alexander's last act was to give his signet ring and regency of the empire to Perdiccas, Commander of his Companion Cavalry. To secure their newfound lands, Perdiccas and the Macedonian Generals divided the Satrapies, administrative governorates of the subdued Achaemenid Persian empire, amongst themselves. But some leaders saw no need for a regent once they held lands and armies for themselves. Alexander is not yet buried before personal ambition, old rivalries, and outside threats poised to upend the briefly unified Empire. There are Generals and Nobles of Macedon not pleased with the outcome of what will be known as the Partition of Babylon, and others desire to rise higher than they already have. The fate of the western world is at a tipping point and Hellenism at its peak. Diplomacy, intrigue, guile, and deceit will determine who amongst the Macedonians can claim to be Alexander's true successor. The Empire of Macedon must decide for itself how to wield its immense power before it is devoured by forces both external and from within.


Crisis Directors

Joseph Boyd
Steve Keenan