Arab League Summit

The Arab League’s next summit is scheduled for spring 2016, and the topics for discussion are many. The proliferation of ISIS is causing problems in the Asian part of the Arab League, and Turkey is mourning after a vicious bombing in Istanbul. The Syrian Civil War has taken hundreds of thousands of people’s lives, both on the rebel and the government sides. Houthi rebels are causing all sorts of problems in Yemen, undermining the structure of its government. Pirates are wreaking havoc off the coast of Somalia. The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic is causing some rifts between the indigenous Sahrawi people and the Moroccan government, who currently occupy the Western Sahara. Qatar has come under fire by FIFA for an allegedly fraudulent awarding of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Falling crude oil prices mean that the economies of several countries in the Arab world are contracting, since extracting oil costs so much. Lastly, political turmoil still exists after the Arab Spring in 2011, especially in northern African countries such as Libya and Egypt. As a delegate from an Arab League country, you must tackle these wide-ranging topics to secure peace and prosperity in the Middle East. Only you can stop the spread of ISIS, quell the Arab Spring uprisings, and help sort out the problems still lingering in the Arab League.

Crisis Directors

Srikar Ranga
Victor Lam


Moderator: Justin Fong
Director: Sabina Raja