CTMUN 2018 Conference

Fall 2018

Each Fall, CTMUN hosts a large, three-day conference that attracts high schools from all across the nation. This year we are proud to offer 16 total committees, our highest number ever. In standard committees, delegates will debate a wide range of issues pertinent to global affairs and international relations- everything from the multi-faceted Yemeni Civil War to the ethically complex issue of privacy in the Digital Age. In our crisis committees, delegates will face a host of historical, regional, or fictional challenges that require them to think more quickly and creatively about how to solve problems.

All committees offered at CTMUN are great ways to improve delegates’ research abilities, public speaking skills, and their ability to think on their feet. We’re thrilled to offer this unique educational experience that will undoubtedly form delegates into better students, better leaders, and better citizens. We look forward to seeing you at CTMUN 2018!

Position Papers are required to be eligible for awards.



November 9th-11th, 2018


The University of Texas at Austin


Delegate: $65

Delegation: $25

Lunch: $5

Registration Deadline

October 1st, 2018