Cuban Missile Crisis

October 1962, a time when the world stood still, the two mightiest of superpowers in the world had a standoff of unprecedented measures. The United States, leader of the free world, and the Soviet Union, the champion of equality, went head to head in the Gulf of Mexico near Cuba, an ally and military benefactor to the Soviet Union. The United States and North American Treaty Organization (NATO) built nuclear facilities in Italy and Turkey, upsetting the balance of power between the Warsaw Pact and NATO. In response to this, the Soviet Union used its new ally, Cuba, to covertly construct nuclear facilities. American reconnaissance aircrafts later discovered the facilities and publicly ordered the USSR to cease all construction immediately. However, the Soviet Union retaliated and declared that a nuclear transport was inbound to Cuba. If the nuclear transport or Cuba was attacked, the USSR would declare war on the United States, subsequently initiating World War III. The committee will be composed of American, NATO, Cuban, and Soviet officials that would have to resolve the conflict at any means necessary.


Crisis Directors

Claire Prichard
Alexander Wagoner