The Arctic Circle

Joint crisis committee

As the frozen borders of the Arctic Circle melt, new opportunities emerge, opportunities with the potential to catapult those who take advantage of them into a new era of prosperity and power. New trade routes, vast natural resources and powerful geopolitical prizes await the first countries to claim the growing waters of the Arctic Ocean while treaties that once were resolute are now null and void. Russia, with the wherewithal to have foreseen this prize a decade ago, is prepared with the technology and expertise to immediately begin using the Arctic's vast economic resources and stake an early claim.

Your role as delegates in this join crisis will be to negotiate on the behalf of your respective nations and organizations to ensure that the new northern waterways are allocated in ways that satisfies the various powers of the world, those with legitimate claims and illegitimate desires, without the situation devolving into aggressive conflict.


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Crisis Director

Saurabh Sharma


Edda Pleitez

Rami Abi Habib

Francesco Leone

Grayson Pike

William Culver

Jessie Yin