Franco-Prussian War

single crisis committee

Since the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire at the hands of Napoleon over 60 years ago, Germany has been divided into small states. Now is the time for Prussia to rise up and unite the German people once more. As the Prussian General Staff, the delegates must assist Kaiser Wilhelm I and Kanzler Otto von Bismarck unite the German states while repelling the French, who fear what a united Germany could accomplish in the world. The fate of Europe hangs in the balance, and the time
for Germany to rise has come.


Background Guides and RUles of PRocedure:



Crisis Director

Allen Hwang


Chair: Celin Abraham
DirectorFernanda Sepulveda
RapporteurCameron Holguin
Logistics Staffer: Thomas Sivon
Logistics StafferWilliam Culver