Joint crisis committee:

European Commission and the Cabinet of the United Kingdom

On June 26th 2016, the United Kingdom shocked Europe by voting to leave the European Union. Although the June referendum signaled to the British Parliament the will of the electorate, many questions remain regarding the future of the United Kingdom and Europe at large. Unfortunately the uncertainties surrounding Brexit are just one of many challenges the European Commission and the Cabinet of the United Kingdom must now face as the first round of Brexit negotiations begins. Nationalism is growing in the British Isles and on the Continent. In the United Kingdom there is already talk of a new referendum on Scottish independence, and in Europe, Eurosceptic parties, once mere nuisances, are developing into an existential threat to the EU. As Brexit negotiations begin, leaders across Europe must now come together to determine what future there may be for a Europe united under twelve golden stars.



Crisis Directors

Jake Atlas

Varun Rajaram


Emil Shabanov

Sara Ross

Ishank Arora

Thiru Vinayagam

Jack Jennings

Sébastien Lesne

Spencer Trihus