Iran Hostage Crisis

In the Iranian Hostage Committee, delegates of the US Cabinet will have to address the political aspects, including foreign relations as well as domestic issues, of the Iranian Hostage crisis that began in 1979. Delegates will work towards the release of the 52 American hostages against opposing forces, while considering all options and their potential consequences. Military measures, while highly effective, could prove disastrous if they go wrong and could alienate the US on the international stage. Pure measures of diplomacy, while safer, could prove to be much slower. Delegates will have to weigh these options as well as others to ensure that the hostages are returned safely.  Moreover, delegates will also address the international significance of this event as it played a major role in US foreign relations. Finally, delegates will have to address the domestic significance of this event for Carter's presidency as his approval levels plummeted in relation to this crisis, limiting his domestic power.


Crisis Director

Katherine Magee