War of the Roses

joint crisis committee

Despite the nice name, the War of the Roses was a bloody conflict between the Yorks and the Lancasters, two factions who fought for control of the English throne, fought from 1455 to 1487. King Henry VI, a Lancaster, ruled for over two decades before the start of the war. However, His Majesty has shown bouts of mental instability, and the Yorks are using this time to put their own ruler on the throne. Great Britain is your battlefield, and power is the prize.

As a delegate in this joint crisis, you will represent one of the many lords loyal to either the Yorks or the Lancasters. You must work with allies to secure the throne, but you might have to use manipulation, persuasion, deception, and sometimes force to help your faction win the war. If you are lucky, you will survive and be granted lands and riches beyond your imagination. Small mistakes, however, could send your head to the spike.


Background Guides and RUles of PRocedure:



Crisis Director

Jonathan Cox and Victor Lam


Chair: Kori Morris
DirectorAli Taqvi
RapporteurMichelle Egbuna
Logistics StafferWhitney Garris
Logistics StafferYanrong Zeng


Chair: Sabina Raja
DirectorEmma Berdanier
RapporteurHanna Brumbelow
Logistics StafferDanielle Susa
Logistics StafferPorter Hewett