French Revolution

joint crisis committee

The French Revolution is in full swing, and the War of the First Coalition is heating up. A king lies dead in Paris, executed for treason by the Revolutionary French Government, killed by his own people. Monarchs across Europe watch in horror as radicalism grips France, fearing they will be the next ones below the Guillotine. The clash of Enlightenment values and the debate over the role government is very much alive in 1793 Europe.

The committees will consist of the French National Convention and the States of Europe. This crisis seeks to ask what a true nation-state can do when it looks to remake the world with its own ideals and what the other states must do to preserve their own. The Modern Era and the last vestiges of Feudalism will come head to head as the delegates seek to determine what is best for themselves as well as the people of Europe. The contest of ideas has spilled onto the battlefield, but it is not too late for diplomacy. Whoever can come out of this crisis on top will determine the future of Europe, and by extension, the world, for the next century and beyond.


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Crisis Director

Joseph Boyd


Ali Taqvi

William Zakhary

ChanMye MyintThu

Saamia Imtiaz

Kira Azulay

Abigail Kellstedt