North Korean Refugee Crisis

Single crisis committee

Day by day, the actions of North Korea are becoming concerning to the international community. Though North Korea's increasing knowledge and capabilities in nuclear weaponry are making headlines, human rights violations still continue to occur within the country. To this end, a number of North Korean citizens over the years have attempted to escape through China. However, the Chinese government, refusing to recognize the plight of these refugees, return the illegal "economic migrants" to North Korea, where they are subject to torture, long-term detention, sexual violence, and/or forced labor. Many Western nations condemn China's actions; however, China and North Korea harbor a complex relationship due to ideology, economy, and politics that makes decisions more difficult than simply changing a law or enacting sanctions. As a participant in this crisis committee, you will be representing Chinese officials and discussing China's relations with North Korea, particularly regarding these migrants, in the present and near future.


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Crisis Director

Sneha Jain


Claire Pan

Brahvan Ranganathan

Ali Zaidi