Sri Lankan Conflict

Single crisis committee

23 July, 1983 marks the day that the Sri Lankan Civil War officially began but the roots of the conflict predate this dark mark upon Sri Lankan history. Soon after independence from British Rule in 1948, the Ceylon Citizenship Act was passed, inciting discrimination and violent acts against Tamilian people in the country. Skipping forward to 1983, The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), also known as the Tamil Tigers, began a campaign of violence against the Sri Lankan military and government who supported the majority Sinhalese population and overrepresented Christian Tamil minority. The crisis takes place soon after the ambush and killing if 13 army officers that sparked civilian (mainly Sinhalese) retaliation against theTamil population. This committee, consisting of government and military officials, LTTE representative, and foreign mediators from neighboring countries will have to act upon theethnic crisis and deal with laws and diplomacy between the opposing forces to settle this major conflict tearing the nation apart.


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Crisis Director

Saniya Walawalkar


Chair: Keith Padraic Chew
Director: Allyson Todd
Rapporteur: Thiru Vinayagam
Logistics Staffer: Thomas Sivon
Logistics Staffer: Isabella Agostino