Joint Crisis, The Opium Wars:
Qing Dynasty vs. Court of Queen Victoria

joint crisis committee

The sun is rising for the British Empire, and twilight is approaching for the Qing Dynasty of China. Great Britain is gaining substantial influence in global affairs under Queen Victoria. Britain's wealthy aristocracy has fueled booming trade across Afro-Eurasia. Economic growth has fueled material envy, especially for the exotic goods of the Far East. As the British reserves of silver dwindle, the currency of choice is opium. The trade flow reverses and the British begin to not only pay for goods with opium but also sell it to China for their precious silver reserves. The increased demand causes the destabilization of the Chinese economy and a faint but noticeable sphere of influence has begun to materialize over the Chinese people. However, the Qing Dynasty continues to resist Western influence and conflict begins to look inevitable

Background Guides and Rules of Procedure



Crisis Directors

Saurabh Sharma
Victor Lam