CTMUN Fall Conference

Fall 2019

Each Fall, we hold a three-day conference featuring both standard and crisis committees on a wide range of topics. This is a great opportunity for delegates to dive deep into a committee and to invest in research and planning.

Standard committees allow delegates to experience a more formal debate setting and make strategic decisions with groups of their peers. Delegates will benefit from research and preparation, and a well organized position authentic to their assigned country’s views.

Crisis committees operate on a different set of rules than standard committees, and teach delegates to think quickly and creatively. The situations are also updated with new information as the committee goes on, so while we encourage delegates to learn as much as possible beforehand, the real test will be how well they can adapt to new problems.

Conference Schedule, Background Guides, and Rules of Procedure will be posted soon.


November 1st - 3rd, 2019


The University of Texas at Austin


Delegation Fee: $25

Per Delegate Fee: $65


Deadline: October 4th, 2019