Staffing CTMUN


Many positions are available for staff of the CTMUN conference, for all levels of MUN experience. Applications for Spring 2018 Crisis Conference are now open!


The Moderator serves as the head of the dais and moderates debate for a committee. Also referred to as the ‘Chair’ or ‘Mod’, their roles include calling upon delegates to speak, rule-setting, decided awards, and pushing debate forward. In a crisis committee, the Chair is the primary conduit between the committee and the Crisis Director and staff.


The Director is primarily responsible for managing the resolution writing process by reviewing working papers, and assisting delegates in authoring realistic solutions adherent to their country's position. They also assist the chair in many administrative duties of the committee. Additionally, in a crisis committee, dais directors manage communication and notes between the committee and the Crisis Director and staff.


The Rapporteurs, often called ‘Raps’, are charged with assisting the moderator and director in moderating and administering the committee. They help with management and review of working papers, track speaking and delegate performance, coordinate with logistics staff, and communicate with the Chief of Staff regarding committee status. Additionally, they assist in answering delegate questions regarding procedure, topic, or conference information

Logistics Staffer

Logistics Staffers are charged with organizing rooms, fundraisers, running committee notes, etc. They have the opportunity to work closely with OSG, direct and assist delegates and staff, and help with administrative work during conference.

Crisis Director

The Crisis Director is the head of a single Crisis Committee or multiple Joint Crisis Committees. Their role at conference is to manage a single plot line between one or many committees, pushing the story forward and creating crises that delegates must respond to. Crisis Directors also help in award decisions for their committees, work with Crisis Staffers to keep tabs on what delegates are doing, and push the committee towards their ‘preferred’ plot.

Crisis Staffer

Crisis Staffers work under Crisis Directors to write and conduct the "story" of crisis committees. Their role includes writing (and acting) as various characters or agents related to the crisis and coordinating with dais directors to manage communication of notes and actions between delegates and the crisis team.